About Us

We are Evergreen Traveler

We Love Travel to Ancient Temples, Historical Places, We find age old Cultures that is rarely seen now a days.

We Love to go to temples(madir) and explore Ancient Architectures, their history and story behind it. while it comes to new generation  they seems not interested towards knowing our great history and religious meaning attached to it. we try to present this in easy way so that this knowledge can be passed to coming generations .

Coming to Historical Palace and places we have so many forts that are not explored fully. we will try to present you brief history and story of this places.

Cultures, this is what our coming generation not taking seriously. this is serious problem if our roots and cultures not know to this coming generation then they will not know how our ancestors has great Pride and self esteem (“Swabhimaan”).

We welcome everyone to share their culture, knowledge with us so that it can reach more and more people.

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